ABOUT US


It is the aim of New Life International as non profit organization to continue assisting and cooperating with other organizations and institutions throughout the world who are dedicated to the maintenance, support, education, medication and general welfare of OVCs to enable them to become responsible citizens of the global community.


In response to child neglect in society, New Life International exists as an advocate for children, to release them from their economic, social, educational and physical poverty to enable them become responsible and fulfilled adults. It's also a safe haven for children.

New Life International is an NGO based in Cape Coast, West Africa. Its orphanage is located at Ansapatu, a village near Cape Coast. The organization was established in 1997 and had been responsible for providing care and education for poor children ever since.
The severity of the situation where orphans, needy and abandoned children are neglected in the rural communities is a result of poor parental control and a low standard of living, due to poverty.

A committee, under the leadership of a retired Nurse/Midwife (Ministry of Health), established the organization to give education, food and shelter to some of the under privileged and unfortunate people - especially children - in the rural areas and instill in them high sense of discipline to enable them become good citizens in future.

The organization assumed legal status in 1998 by Company’s Code 1963 (Act 173) No:G3197 and the Social Welfare number is: 1395.


To provide basic human needs (food, healthcare, shelter, spiritual discipline and education) to children especially orphans, vulnerable (OVCs) and needy children.        

To encourage voluntary and charitable organizations both local and international to engage in activities which are eared towards the development of our institution through collaboration.        

To carry out sensitization programmes through the media for the care, welfare and rights of the children, and other vulnerable groups.        

To provide quality basic education to children under our care and the community in which we operate to overcome the urban/rural gap in education in central region of Ghana.         

To collect, combine and disseminate information regarding orphan care, children's home management, non-profit organizational record/book keeping to orphanages and children's homes' coalition members to build their capacity.      

To become the only educational hub where children/youth in and around the community where we operate; come to acquire knowledge and find solutions to academic pitfalls.


New Life International (NLI) currently cares for 200 Children. Forty of these children live in the children' Home while the other hundred and sixty live outside the home with extended family members. They are usually living iwith extended family members and attending school in the childrens 'Home'. Some of the children have to live away from the home due to low financial capacity. Ages between 2 to 18 years


The Central Region in Ghana has been the main focus of NLI's operations for the reasons listed below.

1. There are a growing number of abandoned children in the region due to low standard of living in rural areas and due to irresponsibility on the part of some parents.

2. NLI wants to create a safe environment to help the deprived children cope with present and future challenges and to enhance their ability to contribute meaningfully to society. The demand for this seemed great in the Central Region.

3. There are many fishing and farming communities in the region, which a large number of children are born into. Many are abandoned because some parents have little time or money to care for their kids thereby leaving them at the mercy of the street. Central region is also one of the four poor regions in ghana