Half of the world's poorest people are children and there are more babies born into poverty than ever before.  Despite major advances in medicine, science and technology, one out of four babies is born into extreme poverty and adverse conditions.  New Life International understands that poverty is a complex problem, and has 10 years of experience in identifying and addressing the root causes of poverty.

Within the context of alleviating child poverty, vulnerability and deprivation, NLI creates programs in a variety of different areas that provide assistance to impoverished Children and plant the seeds of self-sufficiency by giving the children education (school), spiritual training, recreational outing program, health care, food, shelter, drumming and dancing and give them the opportunity to meet and interact with student volunteers from across the world(Uk, USA Europe etc which in a nutshell broaden their scope of learning. 

We work with a number of volunteer organizations and their support has always been helpful. The next area of interest is to set up vocational training section where children who are not academically good could be given the opportunity to learn a trade. (Carpentry, masonry, sawing, Tie & dye making, electrical machine repair works, soap making etc).


In 1998, when Ruby Ayivorh a retired nurse founded New Life International, her philosophy was to raise funds to care for all children at the same time but later got the idea of "connect one person who wants to help with one child who needs it". The magnitude of the poverty in the rural areas of Ghana especially central region and the associated dangers faced by thousand of children are too great for a single person to handle So NLI's philosophy of "one sponsor, one child" has allowed a couple of generous people, with even the most modest means, to collectively improve the lives of children.


As a sponsor, you can build a personal, one-to-one relationship with your sponsored child through letters, and learn about his or her daily life and hopes for the future. Regular health and progress reports will show you how your sponsorship is improving the child's life. Your correspondence and special gifts give your sponsored child hope, nurturing and confidence.  You may even visit your sponsored child and see first-hand the difference your sponsorship contributions are making.


We believe that: all children deserve an environment of hope, respect and understanding; 
 Poverty is a personal experience for every child and this insight and sensitivity guides all of our actions.
 It takes a global perspective and collaborative effort in order to substantially make an impact to the issues of poverty that are facing children today and as a matter of fact, all of our  activities are geared towards ensuring that children are cared for properly. 

we must work together to create an environment of understanding towards all children embracing cultural and religious values all of our actions must be guided by the utmost integrity and transparency and that has always been the case with us and our supporters/helpers We are accountable for all funds we receive, and we will always be upfront and honest with our donors and stakeholders and use these funds in the most efficient and productive manner.


We pledge to deal fairly, equitably, openly and honestly with:

Children: by giving the highest priority in all decisions to the well-being of each individual child in a constructive family and community context; by fostering his or her growth as a contributing member of society; by promoting the child's self-respect and human rights,

Parents: by ensuring that they fully understand their parental rights and obligation to assume responsibility for their role in NLI activities so that they and their children can realize their full potential as the primary force in determining their own destiny.

Donors: by standing fully behind the accuracy of information sent to donors from our operations about the needs of children, operational expenditure, and by responding to the donor's inquiries promptly, honestly, and as fully as possible.

Employees: by clearly explaining their duties and the organization's responsibilities and obligations to the employees; by dealing with each employee on the merits of individual performance as it relates to the overall conduct of the organization's business, and establishing a cooperative, safe and satisfying work environment.

Governments: by complying with applicable legislation and regulations; by cooperatively advocating for the Rights of Children and by assisting in the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on November 20, 1989).

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